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At Firefighter Insurance Services, we encompass the same values of safeguarding your future and protecting your property. fis understands the unique lifestyles of firefighters and their families and offer competitive pricing from dependable insurance providers, such as, Allied, CIG, Travelers, Hartford, Safeco, Mercury, and Civil Service.

 · Understanding when you can and cannot be disciplined requires an understanding of two important topics: (1) the First Amendment and (2) for departments that are subject to collective bargaining, the right of employees to engage in concerted activities. Both topics are quite complicated and beyond the scope of a simple explanation.

firefighter first aid topics Tennessee firefighters responded to a 200-foot crane that collapsed at a construction site Monday. The incident happened shortly after 1 p.m. at a three-story office building being built in the.firefighter first aid training firefighter first aid with essential oils originally designed by triathlete and former firefighter. to consider. First, it’s highly restrictive and limits many food groups, including all animal products, vegetable oils, and processed.First Responder Health and Safety Forum: There are health risks hiding everywhere from your gear to your worksite, and they are causing long-term health issues.

An off-duty FDNY EMT and a firefighter responding to the call rescued two people from a burning house Wednesday. The fire broke out at around 4:15 p.m. at a home in Queens, AM New York reports.

Several fires across the Bay Area broke out Monday afternoon sending fire crews scrambling to control those blazes. Fairfield: Mandatory evacuation orders that were put into place in Fairfield.

Several Bullhead City fire department units were called to a fire at a residence in the 1700 block of Diamond Drive at about.

When they arrived, the first arriving firefighters. command said. Epsom firefighters were also requested for mutual aid to cover Allenstown. newscam 603 posted some of the fire response on.

First aid classes can be customized to meet individual and/or group needs. Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials is a course approved by the NC Department of Insurance. A Hazardous Materials Level I certification is required for Firefighter and Rescue Technician certification.

Every firefighter knows that safety in the field is crucial, regardless of the type of fire. As you’re tackling a blaze, you need to be confident that your equipment will do its job and keep you safe.. We offer first aid kits that meet federal and state OSHA standards, including light and versatile fanny pack kits, major emergency kits.

firefighter first aid with cpr firefighter first aid with description The memorial will be the first. among SAFB firefighters battling a crude oil tank blaze ignited by lightning in 1995 near Addington, Oklahoma. SAFB firefighters were rendering aid to local.firefighter first aid with doterra With temperatures soaring and winds gusting, California firefighters may soon face their first significant battle against wildland blazes, but they will also have to contend with the uncertain.firefighter first aid with pictures Smolyaninove (Ukraine) (AFP) – Forest fires in eastern Ukraine that have killed five people and left dozens homeless are being brought under control by firefighters, officials said on Wednesday.

for medical aid constitute about 80 percent of the total number of responses. Thus, in many communities, firefighters are truly our nation’s first responders: first to arrive on the scene of an incident, and first to administer care to victims. This readiness comes at a cost. Firefighting was named 2015’s “most stressful job in the